Player Profile: Lowell

Lowell Knight
From: West Lafayette, Indiana
Major: Industrial Engineering ’18

Purdue Position: Undue, D-line handler
Also played for: Lafayette Street Dogs

Q: How long have you been playing?

A: I have been playing pickup since I was 10 with my dad.


Q: What surprised you the most about Undue when you first joined the team?

A: I’m surprised how big the ultimate community is.


Q: Favorite throw

A: Air bounce to the break side


Q: What have you gotten back from the team?

A: Made great friends, I live with a few other guys on the team now.


Q: Favorite AJ quote?

A: Ummm, not in public.


Q: What keeps you coming back to practice?

A: Natties baby!


Q: Pac or Biggie?

A: Pac





Player Profile: Tuba


Nick Loughran
Club Treasurer
From: Granger, Indiana
Major: Finance and Pre-Dental ’17

Purdue Position: Undue, O-Line cutter
Also played for: Indianapolis Brickyard, Indianapolis AlleyCats

Q: Why is your name Tuba?

A: It’s a long story, ask me about it when you have at least 30 minutes of spare time.


Q: What got you into Ultimate?

A: I started playing when I was 13 at a summer camp. I was really short but I could run faster than other 13 year old and I was told by my counselors that ultimate was the only thing I was not awful at. I took it as a complement and started playing where and whenever I could.


Q: Who is your favorite ultimate player right now?

A: Cassidy Rasmussen


Q: How has ultimate helped you outside of the sport?

A: It has really taught me to manage my time. Having to balance my heavy course-load and attend practice regularly taught me how to be efficient and not goof off during my free time. Team veterans gave me really great advice that I still use today.


Q: What keeps you playing?

A: Not really sure, ultimate at Purdue is just really really fun. It also helps that we have an awesome team that is really hardworking and always pushing each other to do better.


Q: Coffee or Tea?

A: Tea, I heard it makes you jump higher.

Shoutout to Naomi Slaughter Photography for the AWESOME PICTURE