Lowell Knight
From: West Lafayette, Indiana
Major: Industrial Engineering ’18

Purdue Position: Undue, D-line handler
Also played for: Lafayette Street Dogs

Q: How long have you been playing?

A: I have been playing pickup since I was 10 with my dad.


Q: What surprised you the most about Undue when you first joined the team?

A: I’m surprised how big the ultimate community is.


Q: Favorite throw

A: Air bounce to the break side


Q: What have you gotten back from the team?

A: Made great friends, I live with a few other guys on the team now.


Q: Favorite AJ quote?

A: Ummm, not in public.


Q: What keeps you coming back to practice?

A: Natties baby!


Q: Pac or Biggie?

A: Pac